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Your Guide On How To Store Chandon At Home

Your Guide On How To Store Chandon At Home

Any celebration calls for a bottle of Chandon! And while we love hearing the wine pop and the clinking of our glasses as we raise a toast, our personal favourite moment would be watching the bubbles rise to the top of the glass.

You’ll agree that the beauty of sparkling wine lies in its effervescence. There’s a certain art to creating the bubbles, the technique is to add yeast and sugar during the 2nd fermentation and is left to age. Storing your bottle of sparkling wine plays an important role in preserving the character of the bubbles. Here’s a guide with a few tips on how to properly store a bottle of Chandon at home!


Before Popping

Keep It Away From The Light

Wines enjoy being on the dark side of life, you read that right! Store your bottles in a cool place away from the sun or bright light. Sunlight alters the wine’s internal temperature in turn affecting the chemical balance and overall taste. Now while you may not have a wine cellar at your disposal, you could store your unopened bottle on a wine rack, in your closet, or a wine shelf that’s far away from too much light. Wrapping the bottle with a light fabric also does the trick.


After Popping

Keep It Cool

Temperature variation causes a loss in carbon dioxide that makes your wine go flat. An ideal temperature to serve your wine is about 7°C to 10°C. Store your bottle in an ice bucket, with equal portions of water and ice. Do not freeze the bottle or glasses as an extreme temperature will kill the bubbles. Your goal should be to serve sparkling wine fresh, not frozen.

Use A Quality Stopper

A quality stopper can do wonders for your bubbles. Think of it as a best friend your bottle needs. Find a stopper that helps apply more pressure and creates a tighter seal at the mouth. If you need a quick fix and don’t have a stopper around you could try the metal spoon hack, i.e. a regular spoon inserted in the neck of the bottle. We must warn you though, it’s just a temporary mend.

Another trick to store your wine is to finish it before it loses its bubbles. A bottle of Chandon will preserve its bubbles for 3-4 days in the fridge once popped open!


Remember the trick is to preserve the bubbles! Now you can be a pro when it comes to storing your bottles of Chandon. If you do have wine that’s leftover you can read our article on Recipes with Chandon.

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