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We aim to stay young, fresh and relevant: Kaushal Khairnar, Chandon India

We aim to stay young, fresh and relevant: Kaushal Khairnar, Chandon India

Chandon India has announced a new brand identity. Chandon’s innovative new visual identity pays tribute to the brand’s expansive winery community.

The new branding sees Chandon evolve in all aspects which include the packaging, the brand codes and the language we speak. With the presence in Argentina, California, Brazil, Australia, China and India, the sparkling wine company has recently expanded its portfolio to Europe with the launch of Garden Spritz. Kaushal Khairnar, Head Winemaker at Chandon India spoke to ETHospitalityWorld about the new brand identity and future plans.

ETHospitalityWorld (ETHW): What are the major takeaways you are expecting from new branding ?

Kaushal Khairnar (KK): Chandon has been around for 60 years and it has gone through many phases of its product life. It has now entered a new evolved phase that is aligned with the consumer of the present and future and their discovery journey. We are and always will be committed to offering the highest quality of sparkling wine including the manner in which we showcase it, be it packaging or experiences and it was time for us to redefine all of this. With the new global rebranding of Chandon we have elevated our stature to keep up with the ever-evolving consumer, not just globally but even in India. We have changed every sphere of our identity to be more sophisticated and inclusive.

The new branding sees Chandon evolve in all aspects which include the packaging, the brand codes and the language we speak. We aim to stay young, fresh and relevant to ensure we are providing not only the best quality products but an exuberant experience across all touchpoints based on the celebration of our communities. We are a vibrant, risk-taking brand targeting like-minded consumers across the globe and portraying ourselves as a lifestyle and not just as a celebratory drink.

ETHW: Will the company be looking at expanding its presence geographically in a new country?

KK: At Chandon, it has always been about being pioneers and staying one step ahead. With the same vision, we are in Argentina, California, Brazil, Australia, China and India. With the new launch of Garden Spritz, we are already expanding and building on our portfolio in Europe. Currently, Chandon is available pan India across major metros and the Canteen Services Department of the armed forces. However, we plan to expand further to where our consumers and potential consumers are in the coming future.

ETHW: What according to you makes Chandon stand out in the market?

KK: Chandon is all about being innovative, keeping in mind the consumer and their evolving needs and possible wants. At Chandon, we believe to craft exceptional sparkling wines with a unique personality that defines our local terroir. We're now six connected wineries, all making outstanding wines, united by our shared personality and values. Our mission has always been to open up a world of possibilities in sparkling wine. It is as relevant today as it was six decades ago.

Chandon is a high-quality product that has won many global awards while putting India on the world map for wines. The new identity ensures that it is now a few notches above in luxury cues from what it used to be. Consumers feel proud when they open or gift a bottle of Chandon, the new revamp complements the experience of a world-class wine from Nashik.

The pioneering spirit has been embedded within the Chandon DNA since the birth of our Argentinian winery, in 1959. Since then, we continue to discover new methods and terroirs in the most unexpected lands to keep our sparkling wines at the top of the category – and this new visual identity is a representation of that. As a connection of global wineries, we are dedicated to this time-honoured craft worldwide.

ETHW: Will the company be experimenting with a new variety?

KK: Our product repertoire consists of the Chandon Brut & Chandon Rosé. The Chandon Brut is an elegant expression of the Chandon style with a fresh bouquet of citrus blossom, green apple and hints of tropical fruit, the Chandon Rosé is termed the Precious expression of Chandon. Intense aromas of ripe cherries, red fruits and soft grapefruit lead to a rich, creamy, persistent finish with subtle hints of guava and rose petal pot pour. Between these 2 key products, the Brut is a Hero product while the Rosé does well in targeting new consumers, especially in the North, where the consumer has a stronger affinity to it.

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