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The Grape Profiles Of Chandon

The Grape Profiles Of Chandon

As delicate as the taste of sparkling wine is, producing it is a complex affair. The phenomena in a bottle that we call Chandon is produced with a mixed composition of not only diverse grapes but also distinct wines via the cuvée method. Our wines are made from four different grape varieties: Shiraz, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, & Pinot Noir, each fruit brings a unique flavour to the table. Here’s a quick read of what they’re all about.



A rich dark-skinned grape that is cultivated to produce red wines. Not to be confused with Syrah, another grape variety that is used to craft full-bodied red wines. Over time, Australia has taken on a different perspective on the same. According to winemakers there, Shiraz now also refers to the blend or style of the wine. Wines with a Shiraz blend have a more ripe and fruity profile as compared to wines with a Syrah blend.

Taste: Rich, Lush, Fruity
Colour: Salmon Pink
Unique Offering: Fruit-Forward & adds Pink Hues to Chandon Rosé
Wine Structure: Medium Acidity, Dry
Food Pairing: Sweet and Savoury Dishes
Found In: Chandon Rosé


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Chenin Blanc

Probably one of the world's most versatile grapes, Chenin Blanc is the hero grape at Chandon India. This late-blooming fruit works well in a variety of wines, from effervescent to dessert. Here’s something you might not know about Chenin Blanc, India is the only Chandon vineyard that uses this fruit when producing Chandon Brut.


Taste: Sweet, Fresh, Oaky
Wine Colour: Yellow-Golden Hue
Unique Offering:
Provides Structure to Chandon Brut
Wine Structure: High Acidity, Dry
Food Pairing: Savoury & Gourmet Dishes
Found In: Chandon Brut



A primary grape variety of most sparkling wines, Chardonnay is the backbone for the acidity and elegance of the wine. This green fruit adds roundness to the blend while also providing a diversified flavour profile. Did you know that Chardonnay loses its acidity as soon as it starts to ripen? That’s why our viticulturists make sure that they are harvested at the right time.

Taste: Tropical Fruits, Ripe,
Colour: Deep Gold
Unique Offering: Roundness to Chandon Brut
Wine Structure: Medium Acidity, Dry
Food Pairing: Creamy & Rich Dishes
Found In: Chandon Brut

Pinot Noir

A staple in sparkling wines, this dark purple grape brings the beautiful perfume and texture to the wine. In a bottle of sparkling wine, it also contributes to adding the depth of flavours. When it comes to sparkling wines, Pinot Noir, like Chardonnay, is considered a ‘noble grape’ and is the first choice of most winemakers. In their youth, the wines produced are luscious, but with age, they develop an elegant complexity
An interesting fact, Pinot Noir is one of the few red grapes that are used to produce Red, Rosé, White and sparkling wines.

Taste: Fruity, Ripe,
Colour: Deep Ruby
Unique Offering: Provides Aging Potential to Chandon Brut
Wine Structure: Medium Acidity, Dry
Food Pairing: Grilled Fish
Found In: Chandon Brut

Crafting premium sparkling wines dictates a nuanced understanding of the craft, be it in the characteristics of the land or the grapes it yields. Our wines are an absolute balance of harmony and elegance. At Chandon India, we’re constantly honing our craft, so your celebrations can be as sparkly as the bubbly in your hand.