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What's worse than no sparkling wine?
A sparkling wine that is not chilled right!

Here are some quick tips on what makes a perfect serve.


If using a fridge:

Lay the bottle down horizontally for 3 hours
before serving. Don't keep the bottle
in the freezer as you will kill the bubbles, aroma
and flavor of your favorite sparkling wine. 

If using an ice bucket:

Remember the 'half rule'. Place the bottle in an
ice bucket filled with half ice and half water,
for half an hour.

How to open a bottle of chandon in style

Step 1

Remove the foil.

Step 2

Place one hand firmly on the neck of the bottle with your thumb over the cork.

Take six half turns anti-clockwise to release the
metal cage.

Step 3

Shift your thumb on the top of the cork.

Hold the cork firmly, and slowly twist the bottle
not the cork.

Step 4

When you feel the cork begin to loosen and rise, hold it
firmly with pressure.

Allow the cork to slowly ease out of the bottle.

Step 5

Tilt the flute at 45 degrees and pour a small amount.

Let the initial bubbles settle, then finish pouring into each
glass until it is two-thirds full.